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All participants are oblgated to follow conference regulations. You can download them in English or in Polish. We simplified the most importans rules for you below.


Abstract must be submited via registration form. The character limit of summary in English is 2000 including spaces.


Hybrid – stationary in Katowice–Ligota and online (Zoom) for international participants or in reasonable cases (with the agreement of the Committee).


Both active and passive participation is free.

Official languages

Polish and English (during selected sessions all Authors shall present in English – Anesthesiology, emergency medicine and intensive care; Internal medicine; Noninvasive Cardiology; Invasive Cardiology and cardiac surgery; Neonatology and pediatrics; Basic science, biotechnology and biomedical engineering; General medicine (doctoral session); Experimental medicine (doctoral session); Oncology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy; Systematic review; Neurology and Neurosurgery; Dentistry;).


The limit of authors of one paper is 6 people maximum. The papers which have more than 6 authors will not be classified. The work should be presented by one of the co-authors.

The presentation

The presentations should be sent via the form placed in the link received after the registration on the Conference till 23:59 10.05.2024. The presentation cannot exceed 20 MB.

Types of session

During the Conference there are planned students’ sessions of: original and review works, doctoral sessions of original works and secondary schools’ sessions of: original and review works.

The information about assignment

The information about assignment to the session will be sent to the first author’s e-mail address within 10 days of ending the final registration. The list of successful candidates will be made available on the website ( within 7 days from ending the final registration.

Registration deadline

The deadline of reporting the abstracts of the papers is 23:59 12.04.2024. The papers sent after the deadline will not be verified.