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Abstract submission and registration (12)

What language should I use in my abstract?
The abstract should be written in English.
What language should I use during my presentation?
You should speak in either Polish or English, but if you use English, you get extra point. However during selected sessions only english will be allowed:
  • Anestesiology, Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care,
  • Internal Medicine,
  • Noninvasive Cardiology,
  • Invasive Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery,
  • Neonatology and Pediatrics,
  • Basic Science,
  • Oncology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy,
  • General medicine (doctoral session),
  • Experimental medicine (doctoral session).
When is the deadline of submitting the abstracts for SIMC 2023?
The deadline is 16.04.2023, 11;59 PM
I want to join SIMC 2023! How can I sent the abstract?
The abstract should be sent using the form available HERE. The abstracts sent in any other form will not be accepted.
How can I know the abstract was sent properly?
In 24 hours from sending the abstract, the confirmation of registration will come in the mail. In case you do not get the confirmation, please contact us:
Is it guaranteed I will be qualified for my chosen session?
No, the final decision is made by the Organising Committee. If there are less than 5 papers qualified, the session will not be run and the papers will be qualified for other sessions. Also if there are too many qualified papers, the Organising Committee can create additional sessions or qualify some of the papers for other sessions.
What is the maximum number of one work's authors?
It is 6.
Can a researcher be a co-author of the paper?
No, a researcher can be only a scientific tutor.
Can the doctorals students and ungraduated students be co-authors of one paper?
Yes, but the paper can be presented only at doctorals sessions.
How will I know if I am qualified for SIMC 2023?
The full list of qualified papers will be posted on the website: ( in 7 days from the end of registration. You will also get an email if you are qualified.
Can I be a co-author of more than one paper?
Every member can be an author or a co-author of 6 papers maximum but the member can be an author or a co-author of 2 papers in one session maximum.
I filled the form after the deadline of the registration. Will I be qualified?
The papers sent after the deadline will not be verified.

Conference (8)

When is the conference?
The date of SIMC 2023 is 17-19.05.2023.
How much is participation in SIMC 2023?
The participation in the Conference is completely free.
How will be the conference held?
The Conference will be held in a hybrid form - in Katowice-Ligota and via Zoom platform. The transmission will be available on YouTube or Zoom.
Where can I find the regulations of the conference?
Regulations are available on this site.
Where will be the conference held?
On Medical University of Silesia's campus (Medyków 18 street, Katowice).
Where can I find the schedule of the conference?
Programme is available on this site.
Will I get any meal during the conference?
Yes. Every active participant of the conference who joins us in Katowice will get the meal.
Can I see the abstract book?
Yes, it will be available as an ebook on the conference's website and in paper form.

Presentations (8)

Are there any regulations of presentation?
The absolute time of presentation is 7 minutes and for the discussion 3 minutes.All the authors are obliged to take part in the discussion and the Jury can ask questions about the presented work to every co-author.
In what format should I prepare my presentation?
The presentations should be made in Power Point program (file form .ppt or .pptx) or in Portable Document Format (.pdf) format. The presentations delivered in other way will not be accepted. The Organizer is not responsible for software incompatibility and the resulting effects.
How should I deliver the presentation?
The presentations should be sent via an e-mail to the person who is responsible for the session till 11:59 PM 15.05.2023. The e-mails of those who are responsible for the sessions will be sent to the authors of the works.
What is the sequence of presentation?
The list of qualified works will be also the order of presentation. Authors should communicate their comments, if any, one week after publishing the list on the website ( The comments will not be binding in any way.
How can I get the point from Jury?
The Jury will evaluate: substantial value, presentation, observing time limit, form of discussion, creative own contribution to prepare the scientific work.
Who will win?
All presentations will be judged by sessions jury. Number of awards will depend on number of works in each session:
a) 3 the best science papers (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) and 2 distinctions when number of papers in session will exceed 20 papers;
b) 3 the best science papers (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) and 1 distinction when number of papers in session will exceed 16 papers and will not exceed 20 papers;
c) 3 the best science papers (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) a when number of papers in session will exceed 10 papers and will not exceed 15 papers;
d) 2 the best science papers (1st place, 2nd place) a when number of papers in session will not exceed 10 papers.
Will I get the certificate of participation?
Yes, all authors will receive certificate. Winners will receive a papercopy during Awards announcement. All participants will receive electronic version by e-mail up to 14 days later.
When will the official results of SIMC 2023 be announced?
At the official ending of the conference, 19.05.2023, when all the sessions are finished.

Other (2)